If you are looking for a team of reliable, approachable, and proactive accountants who will do more than just respond to your needs but work alongside you to help you succeed you have come to the right place.

Our Practice comprises

1. Tax specialists dealing with compliance (a need) and bespoke planning (a want), which really amounts to tax planning. The people in this department deal with the full range of taxes. We have the in-house expertise for statutory valuations which are often required for share transfers.

2. Corporate finance specialists regarding the production of forecasts and dealing with the whole process of buying or selling a Company. We have many years’ experience dealing with this area and helping the client coping with the process

3. Compliance specialists regarding audit and accounting (normally both aspects are needs).We particularly have a niche for auditing which can be underrated but essentially is there to reassure Owners and managers that the figures are true and fair and business partners that they are dealing with a Company which has substantiated accounts

4. Management advisory on processes, people and strategy (all wants). Within the Practice we have seen clients succeed and fail and from that experience can help new and existing businesses take on the best aspects of a successful business and avoid the pitfalls of the failures.

5. Thinking, an obvious point but sometimes over looked by Accountants who simply do. We think and in many cases good advisory comes from this via a pre year end meeting or periodic meetings throughout the year. If your advisers are characterised by just the “doing of the job” you need to consider whether you have the right people acting for you.

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